A picture of me at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. Went with some friends when it was very cold out. I thought I could look cool by only wearing a hoodie without a coat, gloves, or a scarf...I was freezing my butt off.

Half-baked bio

Got into tech and startups at 16. I helped with a friend’s startup. Then I found Garyvee and startup videos on YouTube. Then I found Naval and tech twitter. Then I got into indie hacking. Now I’m here. (I might make a more in-depth bio later on, we’ll see)

I love geeking about products & building businesses.

No part-time job. Doing what I love.

My end goal is generational wealth.

These days, I mostly code, read, write, bike through New York City, and design products.

Fun Facts About Me

  • 📏 — I’m 6 feet & 4 inches tall (193 cm)
  • 🍅 — I’ll eat all foods, except raw tomatoes 🤮
  • 🇳🇬 — I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Swam over to NYC at age 3
  • 🏀 — I’m a huge Lebron James fan. Go Cavs Heat Cavs Lakers! I enjoy playing pick-up games too.
  • ✏️ — In summer 2016, I won an award from Columbia University for a short story. Here’s a sappy poem I wrote that my friends like.
  • 🎒 — I attend New York University. I’m a third-year student.

To see what I’m up to right now, go here.