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Daily Update: 6/15/21

Lost 10 lbs

Lost 10 lbs in the past week and a half.

(277 lbs might sound like a lot but I’m pretty tall with an althletic build so it evens out.)

Got in 2 workouts again today.

(Morning - Abs & Legs)

(Evening - Yoga)

I didn’t realize how much of a workout Yoga was until I started taking classes for it. I used to think it was just a combination of ballet and stretching.

Yoga really works you out. I highly recommend it.

(Today’s total efforts)

Having a plan vs Making a plan

The quote: “plans are useless but planning is indispensable” by Dwight D. Eisenhower is pretty famous but I didn’t really understand it until today.

“Planning” and “Having a plan” sounded identical to me.

But, then I realized that the reason the distinction exists is because the act of making plans is useful but the plan itself is subject to change/can end up being obsolete (as plans very often do).

So one should always make plans, but one shouldn’t get married to the plan.