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Daily Update: 6/19/21

I stopped doing morning workouts for the past couple days to focus on getting more sleep.

It shows in my sleep data.

Consistent nights of under 7 hours of sleep. (That last tall line was how much I slept last night)

I knew it wasn’t sustainable so I expirimented with cutting out the morning workout and limiting my late night internet surfing to 11:30ish.

I realized that lack of sleep was affected my daytime (workouts, work, etc). I’m starting to realize that sleep is a bedrock of health. It’s table-stakes.

So, I’m proud to say that last night I got 9 hours of sleep 🎉.

I also got a morning workout in today. Felt great. Morning workouts give me energy.

Now I’m going to head to Equinox-Hudson Yards and chill/do some work.

Maybe I’ll meet another billionaire.