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You're Not Allowed To Call Me Bro

Today, I started a fun experiment with my girlfriend.

These are the texts I sent her:

My Reasoning

The reason for these texts is because I was in the shower thinking about different aspects of human behavior.

(Goes to show how much of a nerd I am)

I was thinking about how language is a powerful way to transform your self/perspective/environment. When we refer to things/people a certain way, it shapes that thing/person for us.

For ex:

  • If you give a animal or inanimate object a human name, then you start to see it as more a person than an animal/object (you anthropomorphize it).
  • If you start referring to a person as “it” or “dirt” or “garbage”, it may start out as a funny joke but eventually your mind will morph that person accordingly to become “it”, “dirt”, or “garbage” because you’ll associate them with those words. You’ll see them as less than human.

So I suspect that by eliminating “friend-words”, it would help increase and nourish the romantic feelings we have towards each other because we’ll be training our minds to view each other as “baby, “babe”, “dumpling.”

Also, context: We’re currently 5,000 miles apart.

So I think this will be an interesting, unique way to inject more romance to our long distance situation.

And, this might be a dark analogy but what gives me confidence that this my hypothesis will prove correct is the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Basically, that experiment proved that a change in one’s environment will lead to change in the person.

So I’m confident the results of our little expiriment will be positive.

Here’s her reply:

And the expiriment begins…