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Blueberry Pancakes

I felt like taking a walk this morning.

I opened Google Maps and looked up “breakfast” and chose this nearby diner called Penelope.

Then I walked.

Walking through New York is the greatest because I know there’s so much going on. So many stories happening at the same time. So many books being written.

Side note: If you want great “walking through a city” music, I recommend The Dip’s 4-song EP, Won’t Be Coming Back. I guarantee an energizing, jazzy montage. 🎷✨

Blueberry Pancakes

After my walking montage, I arrived at Penelope’s outdoor seating camp site.

Penelope Diner

Yes, it was cold out, but the pancakes warmed me up.

I haven’t had blueberry pancakes in years.

They were delicious.

Blueberry Pancakes

Funny end story: At Penelope, a woman’s tiny dog jumped out of its bag and ran off.

She chased it down the sidewalk. But, the tiny dog outpaced her.

Luckily, a guy in a yellow coat was ahead. He squatted and recovered the dog like a fumbled football.

Thanks for reading :)