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Don't Look At Your Stock Price

So today I saw that my last newsletter issue was sent to 8 fewer subscribers.

For a second, I felt bad.

For a nanosecond, I legitimately asked myself if I should just “give up” because it could be all “downhill” from here.

Then, I snapped myself out of it because that’s all nonsense.

When else would I even think like this?

  • If it were raining, I wouldn’t think it’ll keep raining forever
  • If stocks were down one day, I wouldn’t think they’ll just plummet to $0
  • If I bricked one jumpshot, I wouldn’t think I’d never make another shot

So why should I have that thinking here?

Just because a few people unsubscribed, I shouldn’t start fearing that my subscriber count will magically go to 0 soon.

If 5,219 people go missing at once, then there’s a problem lol.

Think like Jeff Bezos

Just as I shouldn’t feel bad if the numbers go down, I shouldn’t think “I’m the shit” just because my numbers go up.

The problem is allowing the numbers to influence me either way.

My perception of myself should come from myself.

Now I get why Jeff Bezos never looks at Amazon’s daily stock price.