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Endings Are Okay

It’s 7am and I just helped my girlfriend into an Uber so she could get back home to Hawaii for Christmas.

It’s raining in New York.

She’s been visiting me in NYC for the past month.

Seeing her leave brought up a thought: “Endings are okay.”

Not that our relationship is ending. Just our time together in New York (for the time being).

She’ll be gone for the next month. And I think absence in relationship is healthy.

It’s like it gives you a momentary emptiness that imitates losing that person. And your mind starts going to a place and starts thinking thoughts as if you did:

  • I’m gonna miss her :’(
  • Maybe I shouldn’t have said that thing that one time.
  • I need to get rid of that habit to be a better person (for her)

Something something about longing and the heart growing fonder.