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Favorable Winds

I’ve been thinking about this tweet for the past 24 hours.

It reminded me of myself, before I realized what I wanted to do with my life.*

I was always a hard worker. I would generate my own luck through action.

But before I had direction, it was hard for me to know why I was working hard.

I would have lucky opportunities come my way, from my actions, but I was never 100% sure what to do with them.

It was often:

  • “This opportunity looks cool!”
  • “But this one looks cool too.”
  • “Ooo, what about this one?”

It wasn’t until I picked a direction that I could differentiate between opportunities that were “right for me” and ones that were okay but decline-able.

It’s advice I’d give to any young person.

Pick a direction and you’ll quickly discover where your energy should be devoted to and where it doesn’t.

You’ll find out which winds are favorable or not.

*build products, be an entreprenuer