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I Just Want To Post And Not See The Results

I feel the same way as Joe and his guest Fahim here.

All I want to do is put shit out and not see the results (good or bad) because I’m my own worst critic.

  • If it’s good, then it fuels my ego & gives me an insatiable dopamine high.
  • If it’s bad, then I feel shitty and just criticize myself on why it was so bad.

Because I’m such a critic of myself, it’s basically self-harm to start thinking about what others think — I’ll just criticize myself to infinity.

It’s why I like posting on my blog more than Twitter — because the lightspeed feedback loop of likes & comments aren’t here.

If someone has something to say then they’ll send their comment via email so the praise or critique will be much slower and (hopefully) more thought through.