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School Starts Tomorrow

School starts back up tomorrow.

It’ll be the 2nd semester of my senior year at NYU.

I can graduate with confidence because I know what I want to do with my life.* Plus, I’m actively saving money from my day job. And hopefully (fingers crossed) my day job becomes my full-time by the summer.

Two classes I’m excited about:

  • A class on modern web development
  • A class on database implementations

They’ll up my web dev game. Which is a skill I really want to improve. I just need more reps.

If I give myself a project and enough time, I could probably get it down (I got this website running myself). But, since I don’t code often it takes more time than someone who codes 3-5 hours a day every weekday.

Similar to how you could (probably) lift a 300 pound weight off the ground even if you don’t go to the gym. But if you workout regularly and lift 400 pound weights at the gym all the time, then 300 pounds is a piece of cake.

So I’m very excited about these classes.

Fun fact: the modern web dev class is also taught by the highest rated professor on

Admittedly, it’s going to difficult to keep this blog up to date. Writing every single day while working, while in school, while working on a side project is a lot of plates to spin.

I think I can handle it though. I’ll have to develop some sort of repeatable system.

Hopefully, it’s a smooth-ish ride to graduation.

Pray for me.

*building products, starting businesses, creating and sharing things