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I’ve been on Twitter a lot less lately.

Something about needing peace.

Twitter is like a fire-hose of information.

The Spectrum

On a spectrum of “life-changing information” to “why do I need to know this?”, Twitter has it all.

There are times where I could find a thread on startups and learn something super useful that’ll help me in the long run.

But it’s usually empty scrolling.

Twitter is great at give you lots of “okay” information—stuff that’s generally useful but you might not need right now…or ever really.

There’s too much okay information.

It all just becomes noise.

Mental Real Estate

And I know personally, I have a limited real estate for things my mind can handle in a day. And I’d rather fill it with the most essential things: family, my girlfriend, work, my personal projects.

Twitter, or any non-essential thing for that matter, requires mental real estate.

And lately, I’ve been pretty unforgiving to anything that wants to encroach on my mental real estate that I haven’t given permission to.

As I write that, I think of an old man yelling from his porch, “Give off my lawn.”

But realistically, I think my lawn has 80 ft walls surrounding it and I have a moat with crocodiles and sharks that requires a drawbridge to get across.

No one’s getting a piece of my real estate without my permission.

Nowadays, I just much prefer silence over noise.

(P.S. I’ll probably expand on this idea in a more poetic, concise way later but for now these are my raw thoughts)