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Writing Is A Superpower

person typing on a laptop

Today, I gave a UX research presentation to my boss.

The meeting was at 6:05pm and I didn’t have enough time to create presentation visuals using the research I spent all day doing.

Luckily, throughout the day, I had written down all my thoughts, my rationale, and my decisions regarding my research in Apple Notes.

So I was prepared, but I didn’t have a fancy slide deck to show.

Nonetheless, 6:05 came and it was time to present my findings.

I screen shared and showed loose screenshots that I took of UI designs and I used my notes as a script as I was talking through my findings and product decisions.

It went brilliantly.

My rationale was clear. My research was comprehensive. And my “presentation” was received with praise.

My writing structured all my thoughts so crystal-clear that it made a slide-deck unnecessary.

Who needs pictures, when you have words?

Here’s Joe Rogan talking about the importance of writing.

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